John Trewolla Photo 125 x 179 px John Trewolla is a trained mediator who…

  • Helps Boards clearly define strategic goals in ways that can be objectively measured.
  • Helps Boards and leaders agree upon responsibilities and accountabiliies.
  • Designs novel ways to measure progress towards strategic goals.
  • Sets up systems that provide useful performance feedback to inform Boards and leaders.

John helps leaders get and use feedback.

Feedback is simply information about whether something is working well or not. Feedback provides leaders with the insights they need to make good decisions. John helps leaders get and use feedback in four ways:

• Collecting Feedback:  People usually share their ideas when they are asked appropriately.  John uses a variety of tools to gather candid feedback from board members, executives, staff, clients, customers and the community.

• Analyzing Feedback:  People rarely share their ideas candidly if they are concerned about privacy. John analyzes the responses gathered and then summarizes it appropriately and anonymously for management review. This preserves the privacy that is the foundation for getting honest feedback.

• Responding to Feedback: Responding promptly and appropriately to feedback is essential. John and Lidia work as a team to help leaders respond to feedback in ways that build a culture of engagement, cooperation and teamwork.

• Monitoring Progress: As leaders make changes in response to feedback, it is essential to continue to collect feedback regularly. Ongoing and timely feedback is essential so thatleaders make the mid-course corrections needed to stay on track.

Before co-founding The ReThink Consortium, LLC, John was Principal Analyst with Management Analytics Group, LLC between 2001 and 2010. From 1997 to 2001, John was a Principal Consultant with Cap Gemini America, Inc., an international management and technology consulting firm. John founded his own computer software development firm, Computer Programming Services, Inc. in 1983. Before that, John was a founding partner of Bibb & Associates, a mechanical engineering consulting firm. Upon graduating with his MBA, John worked as an engineering economist at Franklin & Associates, Ltd

John earned his MBA from KU in 1977. He is a trained mediator. He has earned the Certificate in Data Processing (C.D.P.) and the Certified Systems Professional (C.S.P.) credentials. He has been a Certified Information Systems Auditor (C.I.S.A.) and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (C.I.S.S.P.) He has also served on the Panel of Arbitrators for the American Arbitration Association. He has been accepted into the Beta Gamma Sigma and Phi Kappa Phi scholastic honor societies and is a member of Theta Tau, a professional engineering fraternity (Z675).

Contact John directly at (913) 381-0256 or

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