Lidia Young Photo 125 x 179 px Lidia Young, LSCSW

Lidia helps board members, executives and management teams develop vulnerability-based trust — the foundation of effective leadership.

She helps leaders be able to apologize, resolve conflict, take responsibility for their actions and actively support each other.

Lidia is a Licensed Specialist of Clinical Social Work (psychotherapist) with 20+ years executive coaching experience. She is a seasoned facilitator and has worked with hundreds of high-level leaders, CEO’s, presidents, VP’s, directors and their management teams as well as Boards of Directors. She has extensive experience in root cause problem-solving, conflict resolution and management team development. Most recently, Lidia has become a Daring Way™ Certified Facilitator Candidate (based on the research of Brene Brown).

As a clinically trained holistic professional, Lidia has a track record of significantly and consistently increasing individual performance as well as improving team cohesiveness and effectiveness. She has extensive experience in root cause problem solving, conflict resolution and management team development.

Lidia helps good leaders become their personal best

Lidia Young helps develop leadership strengths and reduce barriers to personal excellence in seven ways:

• Seeing the Broader Picture: Lidia shows leaders how people and processes really interact and helps predict both the intended and the unintended consequences of decisions.

• Understanding the Informal Culture:  Lidia raises leadership awareness of how group and individual communication styles define a work environment that encourages or suppresses productivity and creativity – and how to improve “negative cultures.”

• Making Decisions and Driving Action: Lidia helps leaders recognize their own personal power and influence – and coaches them in how to trust their intuitive emotional intelligence. She guides leaders in demonstrating the attitudes and behaviors they wish to see modeled in their companies.

• Transforming Blind Spots: Lidia helps owners, leaders and managers see, predict and change the impacts of their unconscious behaviors and beliefs.

• Recognizing Critical Junctures : Lidia helps decision-makers grow to be more comfortable with making choices and accepting that “neutral choices” or “non-choices” do not exist.

• Leading with Authenticity: Lidia helps leaders be more transparent and effective. This helps them build teams that are more productive, more creative and more cooperative.

• Achieving Personal and Professional Satisfaction: – Lidia helps leaders find (or re-discover) joy and passion in their work.

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Making hard choices and difficult decisions easier.